Hi I'm Perl 470x624px

I’ve got a rare genetic disease, 
but I’m much more than that.




Perlara is a scientific discovery Public Benefit Corporation that works with patients like me and drug companies to find treatments for diseases previously believed to be too rare to cure


We have a mighty ship for our quest

Our scientists, families and BioPharma companies are collaborating to turn discoveries into drugs.


My PerlQuest is the scientific part of my journey,
which I’ll share with you as we learn.

The value of a Virtual Lab Manager

Back in 2014 when PLab was first funded, one of the first hires wasn’t an employee, but a contractor….HappiLabs. Bootstrapping their way into existence, HappiLabs provides a service called the Virtual Lab Manager, specializing in purchasing lab supplies... read more

Perlstein Lab Burn Rate through Q3 2015

At Perlstein Lab, we’re interested in sharing our experiences so other young biotech companies can learn from us. We like to share our financial information to give you an idea of how and where we spend our money. If you plan to start, or are currently running a... read more


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