In April we crossed the midway point of our Niemann-Pick C multi-model HTS campaign. It was also Tamy’s first month as a full-time PLabber. Here she is with Tom scoring fly plates:

What exactly are they scoring, you ask? As Tom explained a few months back in a great post, NPC mutant flies die prematurely as young larvae, a phenotype that we are aiming to reverse with a small molecule, as shown below on the left:

Our friends from the ECL (Emerald Cloud Lab) dropped by to discuss collaboration. If you haven’t heard, they have built a “cloud lab” that allows for virtualization of dozens and dozens of assays and experiment types:

Nina penned a post that explains how we validate HTS hits from yeast, worms and flies in NPC patient-derived immortalized fibroblasts using a dye that stains subcellular cholesterol:

HappiLabs Tom generated this plot of our total monthly spend, or burn rate, for PLab’s first 12 months of operations:

PLab had a new member join on April 15:

Sangeetha was in DC for the World Orphan Drug Congress, where she presented at the Pitch & Partner session:

Kiran wrote a great post on our backend, including how we use software like Tableau to visualize data:

And that’s a wrap for April. See you next month..

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