Last month we were diligently completing the primary screening phase of our NPC campaign: 50,000 compounds across 3 models in 6 months.

Team Worm incubates another batch of 384-well plates, including technical replicates. Validation of “pre-hits” underway in parallel.

If it’s Friday at 5:30pm, chances are we’re at PLab Happy Hour at the Dogpatch Saloon. A round of PLab’s unofficial official drink (The Whiskey Snap) are even better when we’re toasting an interesting (and reproducible!) result.

An impromptu evening at the ballpark. Weekday night company culture at its best!

Pre-hits graduate to bona fide hits.

Maria Teresa Chavez is working on computational projects and on ALS yeast model pilot screens. She’ll be updating the world about her research progress on her blog and on Twitter.

Team Fly developed a more sensitive pupal survival secondary assay to confirm that pre-hits are real hits.

The BioSorter was pushed to the max to get this last batch of primary screening plates processed.

Ethan spoke to the postdocs at NYU about PLab and played the “Gene’s Eye View” rap video by Baba Brinkman as inspiration.

Patient advocacy selfie.

Kiran assembled a dataset of orphan drugs approved for a monogenic disease, e.g., Kalydeco. Here’s one of the first plots he generated. Check out our blog stream for the first two installments.

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