Perlara utilizes model organisms (S. cerevisiae, C. elegans and D. melanogaster) in phenotypic screens to identify therapeutic candidates for rare genetic diseases. We have no openings at this time.


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Perlara Open Finances 2017

When we last checked in a year ago, Perlara had just achieved three critical milestones: a product (PerlQuest), a validating Pharma deal, and first revenue - a small check, but revenue nonetheless. Over the course of 2017, we transitioned from startup with a prototype...

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Funding announcement

This week we announced a $7.4M equity financing. Endpoints News and STAT News covered the announcement and the Twitter angle. Here’s the backstory from the CEO's vantage point. From the outside, this round appears to be our Series A. But it’s technically our Series B...

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Midsummer updates

Perlara midsummer 2017 updates—We took a temporary hiatus from blogging starting in March right after my Rare Disease Day post. The reason: fundraising. Raising money is personally all-consuming for the CEO, as I'll attest in an upcoming post. It's also a persistent...

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